"Old business models no longer work"

I recognize that old business models no longer work. I believe that the universe is shaking things up and that our world is evolving so rapidly that our thoughts, behavior, business processes, marketing and overall busniess strategies must match the evolution that is currently taking place. Businesses that change traditional models and create new models are blazing a trail of wealth that has never been seen before.

I started my Consulting Firm, The John Edward Group, with that thought in mind. I named the company after my father who was a trendsetter, thinker and innovator.

The John Edward Group, LLC is a Business Consulting, Project Management, Crisis Management and Thought Leadership Consulting Firm. Over the years, we have worked with professionals and non-professionals in need of professional advice, intervention and strategic navigation through a crisis. We have over 15 years of Professional and Corperate experience in a variety of industries including Public Accounting and Investment Banking. We have professional partnerships with executives around the world including Certified Public Accountants, Project Management Professionals, Investment Bankers, Healthcare Professionals, Physicians, Surgeons, Civil, Structural, Chemical and Mechanical Engineers, Architects and more.

The John Edward Group



I would like to say how I admire the work Wendy does. She is someone who is passionate and dedicated to helping people.

- Davide De Angelis

She has an unbelievable work ethic and exceptional project management skills. She never drops the ball.... I cannot recommend Wendy enough!

- Jamie Ettwien Breneman